Harvesting machinery

In the modern agro-industrial complex in order to achieve the highest yields of different types of crops (wheat, corn, etc.), it is necessary to use special agricultural equipment. Leading position here takes a combine harvester.

Combine better than the rest of the equipment designed for these operations, performs its functions. A feature of this technique is the ability to perform such a function as a header, a fan and a thresher.

In a word, the combine harvester allows, at the exit of it, to obtain already cleaned grain from a wide variety of crops.

When choosing such a machine, in addition to its power, you should also pay attention to the type of threshing machine, the separation system and the volume of the grain bin.

Modern combines have three types of threshing apparatus: axial rotary, pin and bil. They all differ in the volume of grain that goes along with the straw. The best performance has the first type.


Depending on the purpose, this type of agricultural machinery can be equipped with tracks or wheels. A tractor is used when it is necessary to apply thrust force for a specific task.

Also, these machines can be classified according to the following types: for forestry, gardening, viticulture, mini-tractors, etc.

Such agricultural equipment does not have great speed, but it is not needed. Power traction is needed here, and tracked tractors are leading here. They perfectly cope with loose soil work. Any other equipment here will simply load and get stuck.

Wheeled tractor is used to solve problems in the area where there is a road with a hard surface.

Characteristics that the tractor should have:

  • Power;
  • Quick change of attachments. This allows you to quickly switch between different types of work;
  • Simplicity in service even in field conditions;
  • The ability to connect various equipment that is used in agricultural work.


In order to produce fertilizer in a timely and high-quality manner, which allows to protect the plant and stimulate its effective growth, at present a special type of equipment is used – sprayers. They can be made as attachments, trailers or be self-propelled.

The choice of technique for spraying depends on the area of  the available fields. For small agriculture, there is enough equipment. Self-propelled sprayers are much more expensive, but they are able to quickly process large areas of crops.

Sowing technology

Sowing technology is able to achieve the most effective results. Such equipment includes seeders, storage tanks, bunkers. They are intended for efficient and, most importantly, efficient sowing of grain or seeds. With their help it is possible to carry out the sowing of various grain crops as densely as possible.

Also, the sowing technique minimizes the amount of crushed grain. Today such equipment occupies a special place in the provision of the agro-industrial complex.

Tillage machines

In the process of growing various crops, various activities are carried out. This includes the preparation of land for planting. Getting it as efficient as possible depends on its proper implementation. A special tillage equipment is used to help with this.

Depending on the type of soil, such units are able to perform a variety of types of work: deep plowing, surface treatment, soil compaction, loosening, etc. Without this equipment, these large-scale works are very difficult to imagine.

Feeding machines

Today, the preparation of feed for cattle and other animals is carried out using this technique. It can be tedders, rakes, mowers, balers.

With the help of such machines it is possible to achieve maximum efficiency in the performance of these types of work. These are reliable units that can be operated in the most difficult conditions, simple and comfortable to operate.