Hidromek 102s

The construction business is in dire need of reliable auxiliary equipment. Universal loader Gidromek 102s perfectly performs all tasks, including, and high complexity. Perfectly equipped, has a reasonable price, easy to manage.

Technical specifications

The excavator Gidromek loader is manufactured in Turkey and equipped with components of well-known brands, which significantly increases its reliability. Excellent performance characteristics are provided:

  1. Engine with four cylinders and a hundred horsepower. The volume of the unit 4.4 liters.
  2. The German automatic transmission has eight speeds, of which five are front and three are rear.
  3. Electronic control program AutoShift.
  4. Powerful power steering hydraulic type.
  5. The volume of a ladle is 0,17 m3 digging, 1,1 m3 loading.
  6. Maximum loading to a height of 3.47 m, digging depth up to 6 m.
  7. The supporting paws increasing stability.
  8. Weight 9 tons.
  9. The ability to brake only one pair of wheels.
  10. Hydromek 102s
  11. Backhoe Loader Gidromek 102s
  12. Additional components

Expand the functionality and improve the efficiency of the unit will help:

  • Ripper.
  • Hydraulic hammer
  • Grader bucket.
  • Logger.
  • Buckets of different widths.
  • Drilling machine.


Additional comfort for the operator is provided by air conditioning and forced air cleaning, a small refrigerating compartment for the brakes, and adjustable steering and seat positions. Interior decoration meets all sanitary standards in accordance with international standards.

Removable metal flooring under the feet is easily removed and cleaned of dirt. A large number of glasses increase the viewing angle of the operator.

All control nodes are in one place, which significantly increases the speed of work. Additionally, the cabin is equipped with an audio system for listening to music from removable media.


The wheel formula is equipped under two ways of movement “a trace in a trace”, and also “the crab course”. The same diameter of four wheels allows you to develop high speed, while maintaining maneuverability. Management of four wheels at the same time makes it possible to turn the loader around its axis. The excavator loader Hidromek HMK 102s has an increased operational reliability achieved by this design of the suspension system.

The hydraulic system is equipped with a hydraulic gear pump capable of withstanding a pressure of 230 bar.

Advantages and disadvantages

With careful operation and timely care, the loader is capable of uninterrupted operation. Reliability and durability is guaranteed by manufacturers of components with an international name.

In the opinion of consumers, there are no significant drawbacks; relatively inexpensive spare parts facilitate the material burden on the service.

The most frequent repairs are replacing candles.

The technical characteristics of the Hydromek 102s have repeatedly proved their effectiveness in extreme weather and landscape conditions.

The cost of a new and used forklift

The price of a new complete loader with direct suppliers starts from 0.5 million $. When buying, pay attention to the conditions of after-sales service — they are different for all suppliers.

Significantly reduce material costs will help purchase used equipment after checking sensible mechanic.


JCB 3CX is a direct analogue and with high accuracy repeats the technical characteristics of the Hidromek HMK 102s. It is well proven Volvo BL 61B, Terex 820.

Hidromek HMK 102b is an almost complete equivalent, but has such a significant difference as the lack of a lateral course. This is due to the difference between the values  of the front and rear wheels. Otherwise, they are identical in function.

The loader of the excavator considered in article is characterized by reasonable price, high reliability, simplicity and comfort in operation. It meets all requirements of international standards.