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The Smell Zone: Scent innovator 4160 Tuesday reinvents the in-car scent

House of Hyundai’s Smell zone was curated by perfumer Sarah McCartney from 4160 Tuesdays, who will be consigning unnatural in-car scents to the dustbin of history.

Scent is a powerful memory trigger and mood alterer, so for House of Hyundai Sarah will be exploring the future of in-car scent – highly personalised creations which reject the one-size-fits-all dominance of the pine-scented air freshener in favour of evocative custom-made perfumes.

Tapping into the concept that responsive scents – produced in real time to your exact specifications – could alter the mood of drivers on the road, Sarah and her team will be unveiling a new scent which captures the perfect driving experience.

The details matter to 4160 Tuesdays (the number of Tuesdays you’ll experience if you live to be 80) which is why it was chosen to collaborate with House of Hyundai. After 14 years with ethical cosmetics company Lush, Sarah now uses insights from cutting edge neuroscience and cross-modal sensory studies, combining modern and ancient materials, with an innovative open approach.

Established in 2013, every one of 4160’s perfumes are inspired by a person, place, memory or moment. Created by hand, the company’s scents are created and bottled in West London in batches of 50-200 bottles.