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The Taste Zone: Candy Mechanics takes on the car sweet

House of Hyundai’s Taste zone was hosted by taste pioneers Candy Mechanics.

These experts in subtractive 3D printing create customised candy from the future and they challenged our ideas of food on the move at House of Hyundai.

Taste in motion used to be about dusty car sweets and slightly melted bars of fruit and nut.

But once Candy Mechanics has shown you some of the extraordinary new things you can do with food – including having your head scanned and sculpted in chocolate within a few short minutes – you’ll never look at a travel sweet in the same way again.

As well as creating 3D alternatives to boring travel sweets, Candy Mechanics’ work is a window into the future of taste in driving – which  is likely to be much more personalised and flexible.

Over the coming decades, 3D printing is set to revolutionise food production in extraordinary new ways. NASA has already explored the possibility of sending 3D printers on deep space missions to print custom-made food from powder and oil, but you can see Candy Mechanics’ mini candy factory right here on earth.

And if you want to share the future of food, make a design online and Candy Mechanics will turn it into candy and send it out to your friends and loved ones across the country – all in 3D.