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The Touch Zone: Fabric that can clean the air from BYBORRE

House of Hyundai’s Touch zone showcased the cutting edge work of LAB BYBORRE,  a design studio focused on developing fabrics of the future.

Founder, Borre Akkersdijk is not just a fashion designer; he is a conceptual designer who investigates the boundaries of textiles and production techniques.

His label develops designs that fit the rich tradition of haute couture while at the same time removing another layer between humans and computers by creating a new interface that is invisible, tactile and intuitive.

Borre will be displaying his latest innovations at House of Hyundai to show there’s more to fashion than looking good and keeping warm.

One of these creations is the BB Suit, which integrates GPS tracking, a WIFI hotspot and a music library. Another is a garment that uses ‘cold plasma’ technology to split oxygen and water molecules into free radicals, effectively cleaning the air around it.

Borre graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 and founded LAB BYBORRE, a design studio focused on developing fabrics of the future.