John Deere 8310R

The tractor John Deere 8310R is a large-sized agricultural equipment wheel type movement, which is produced by a modern American manufacturer. This model of tractor belongs to the universal tilling machines and is capable of carrying out comprehensive work on fairly large areas of agricultural farms.

The tractor inherited many modern systems and solutions that are equipped with the entire 8030 series. Plus, some new systems were added to this, thanks to which the manufacturer was able to increase the efficiency and productivity of the machine.

This series of tractors is praised not only for its reliability and quality of all elements, but also for its high engine power. The John Deere 8310R tractor has a PowerTech six-cylinder in-line diesel engine under the bonnet. It should be noted that this unit is a proprietary company. Rated power output is 228 kilowatts, or 310 horsepower, when the maximum power can reach 250.8 kilowatts, or 341 horsepower. And when it reaches 1600 revolutions of the crankshaft, the maximum torque increases to 1,452 Newtons per meter, which ensures quite high tractive effort.


The John Deere 8310R tractor can be used in almost all areas of work, as its high technical characteristics and durable construction allow you to perform various types of work regardless of the loads and natural production factors. But basically, this tractor is actively working in the fields of agriculture, as a rule, these are large-scale fields, where quite a lot of special equipment is used. Model John Deere 8310R is just able to replace several of these machines due to the possibility of using additional attachments. The tractor itself alone can cope with such works as plowing of soil with different density, cultivation, harrowing, preliminary preparation of the fertile layer of soil for sowing, planting, and, of course, harvesting with subsequent transportation.

The versatility of the John Deere 8310R wheeled tractor is explained by a rather extensive set of various mounted and trailed units, with the help of which the machine copes with all the tasks. The hydraulic system has high performance and carrying capacity, which allows the use of additional equipment such as:

  1. Mechanical type seeders.
  2. Pneumatic type seeders.
  3. Pneumatic disc drills.
  4. Precision seed drills.
  5. Attachment chisel equipment.
  6. Various cultivators.
  7. Mounted deep-rippers.
  8. Mounted disc chisels.
  9. Round balers.
  10. Mounted cleaning units.
  11. Harrowing equipment.
  12. Disc harrowing equipment.
  13. The combined hinged equipment.


After the release of the first models of this tractor, the manufacturer did not develop many modified versions, since the base one came out quite successful. The base tractor was able to satisfy buyers and customers in almost all key parameters: high reliability and quality of all elements of the structure and the structure itself; wide application; comfortable and ergonomic cabin; high performance, efficiency and throughput; simple and not expensive further service; quite large initial operational resource; the possibility of using a large number of attachments; engine efficiency and productive hydraulic system.

Therefore, the wheeled tractor is produced in a single unchanged form. But there are also additional equipment that can be mainly included in the package at the request of the buyer or the customer. But there is also a tracked version, which was named as John Deere 8310RT. There are practically no differences from the base model, except for the tracked chassis.


Overall data:

  • Length – 6116 millimeters.
  • Width – 2438 millimeters.
  • Cab height – 3527 millimeters.
  • Ground clearance under the front axle – 590 millimeters.
  • Ground clearance under the rear axle – 660 millimeters.
  • The minimum turning radius is at least 5000 millimeters.
  • Wheelbase – 3050 millimeters.
  • The load on the front axle is 8000 kilograms.
  • The load on the rear axle is 11,500 kilograms.

Ballast weights:

  • Inner wheel ballast – 635 kilograms.
  • External wheel ballast – 280 kilograms.

Operational values:

  1. The tractor has a construction weight of 9850 kilograms.
  2. The engine being installed is a six-cylinder, diesel, John Deere PowerTech model.
  3. The fuel injection system is electronic.
  4. Type of turbocharger – turbocharger.
  5. Cooling system – intermediate, liquid.
  6. Rated power output – 228 kilowatts / 310 horsepower.
  7. Maximum output power – 250.8 kilowatts/ 341 horsepower.

Maximum torque – 1452 newtons per meter. The torque reserve is 42 percent. The maximum overcome lifting – to 35 degrees. Fuel tank capacity – 695 liters. Transmission: Gearbox – John Deere Automatic PowerShift. Gear box type – automatic, Full PowerShift. Drive type – hydraulic. Forward travel gears – 16. Reversing gears – 4. Maximum speed – 42 kilometers per hour. Gearbox – John Deere AutoPower. Gearbox type – stepless (IVT). The number of gears for forward travel is infinite. The number of reverse gears is infinite. The undercarriage of the tractor: Basic front wheels are twinned, 420/85 R34. Basic rear wheels – dual, 480/80 R50. Equipment of the front axle – differential with automatic locking. Hydraulic system: Maximum load capacity – 12124 kilograms. The number of hydraulic cylinders in the basic configuration – 4 cylinders. The maximum pump capacity in the basic version is 132 liters of fluid per minute. The number of external hydraulic leads for the installation of additional equipment is 5. The number of speeds of the PTO shaft is 2. Turns at the first speed are 540 rpm. Turns on the second speed – 1000 revolutions per minute. The power rating of the power take-off shaft is 195 kW / 261 horsepower. The capacity of the hydraulic system tank is 165 liters.

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