Komatsu PC 200

The Komatsu PC200 excavator is a heavy tracked vehicle designed for carrying out excavation work. This machine is produced by a Chinese manufacturer of special machines Komatsu. In this model of the excavator, the manufacturer has implemented a large number of modern technologies and innovative ideas, which allowed the car to become the leader in sales in the international market. In order to reduce toxic emissions and diesel fuel consumption, the car uses several special mechanisms. To increase digging power, efforts and service intervals, special automatic mechanisms were also installed that allow you to adjust these parameters automatically, depending on the type of work being done. In addition, the Komatsu 200 design uses materials that are optimal for recycling, which ensured not difficult recycling of parts.

The name of the car indicates the operating weight, namely, the figures 200 make it clear that the excavator has a weight of 20,000 kilograms. At the rear of the turntable is a six-cylinder diesel power unit, which develops a maximum power of 145 horsepower or 106.6 kilowatts. This engine has a turbocharging system and an intercooler. In order to eliminate frequent malfunctions or damage to expensive nozzles due to poor-quality fuel, a filter drier was installed in the fuel system.


Komatsu PC200 excavator is designed exclusively for the construction of any objects, including road sections.

This excavator is used in almost all construction purposes, namely, it is capable of doing not only earth-moving work, which includes digging trenches and pits, but also dismantling. This is due to the presence of special attachments (either hydraulic jackhammer or hydraulic shears), which is able to cope with concrete, rebar and other similar materials. Also, this technique, thanks to a fairly extensive set of buckets, can perform the work of the planning type, which is quite a frequent process in construction and industry. Drilling can also be done with this excavator, since it, in addition to buckets and demolition tools, can use special hydraulic drilling equipment, which allows not to use other equipment, if, of course, such equipment is available and installed on the machine.

As described above, the Komatsu 200 excavator is an indispensable machine in the field of construction work, as it has versatility. And not without reason, because this machine can use a variety of attachments designed for a particular process. The list of these auxiliary units includes the following type of equipment:

Earthmoving bucket It is a standard unit of this excavator and it is designed for digging pits and trenches. It can also be used for loading or moving over short distances of various materials loose in their structure. It has several teeth, as a rule, not more than six. There are several versions that differ in size and number of teeth. It is installed to the handle without a special adapter.

Planning bucket. This equipment is small and has no teeth. The main purpose of this bucket is doing the work of the planning type. There are also several versions that vary in size and size. It is installed to the handle without a special adapter.

Hydraulic breaker. It is one of the main tools for dismantling. Able to cope with both concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

Hydraulic shears. Just as the previous equipment, is one of the main units used in the dismantling of any objects. In addition to the destruction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures can also be used during the dismantling of railways, since the force of this equipment allows the rails to be eaten. For more exact work scissors are equipped with the rotator allowing to pick up a necessary corner. Installed to the handle using a special adapter.

Drilling equipment. This type of equipment is not used as often as the previous units, but it can still be found. This unit is designed for drilling of different soil structure. Installed to the handle using a special adapter.

Loosening equipment. It is an indispensable equipment when working on a fairly dense soil. There is only one version of this unit, namely this single-toothed type. It is installed to the handle without a special adapter.

Of course, the Komatsu 200 excavator has a wide range of various attachments, but some units were not included in this list, since all of the above are often used equipment.


versions, there are only a few generations of this model. But there is one version that can still be called a peculiar modification, namely, Komatsu PC200 / 7LC. This model differs from the basic excavator by its technical characteristics, including the overall values. The length of the car has become much more, this is explained by the elongated tracks, which is what the abbreviation LC in the model name says. On the turntable in the rear of the installed 143-hp diesel power unit, equipped, as well as in the basic excavator, turbocharging system. But it is worth noting that this unit is slightly weaker than the base one, but this does not affect the work in any way. From the existing functions, you need to pay attention to the new fuel saving system, which allows you to save up to 20 percent of diesel fuel. The whole essence of this option is as follows: if after work the levers responsible for the movement of the machine and the work of attachments were moved to the neutral position, then the number of crankshaft rotations will automatically be reduced to medium speed. But if the levers are idle for four seconds, the system will automatically put the engine into idling mode, and after changing the position of the levers, the engine will be transferred back to normal operating mode. Technical characteristics In a fully operational condition, Komatsu 200 excavator has a mass of 19,200 kilograms, but this is taking into account 500 millimeter caterpillar shoes. The machine can be equipped with shoes wider in order to improve cross-country ability. There are three values, 600 millimeters (weight increases to 19,300 kilograms, and the pressure exerted on the ground drops to 44.1 kilopascals), 700 millimeters (the weight of the excavator is 19,550 kilograms, and ground pressure 38.2 kilopascals). Well, 800 millimeter shoes, with which the excavator has a mass of 19810 kilograms and a specific pressure of 34.3 kilopascals. At the standard 500 millimeter boots, the Komatsu 200 excavator has a specific ground pressure of 53.0 kilopascals. The excavator has a length of 9480 millimeters when the length of the supporting surface is 6270 millimeters. The height of the machine to the highest point of the boom equals 2,985 millimeters when the height of the cabin is exactly 3,000 millimeters. The width of the excavator is 2800 millimeters. The ground clearance, calculated under the counterweight, is 1085 millimeters. The minimum ground clearance is 440 millimeters. The turning radius of the rear platform has a value of 2,750 millimeters. The reference length of the track is 3270 millimeters, when the overall length is 4080 millimeters. The distance between the tracks is 2,200 millimeters. Crawler track width is 2800 millimeters. The lug height is 26 millimeters. The height of the cabin itself has a value of 2095 millimeters, and its width is 2,710 millimeters. The machine platform can turn at a speed of 12 revolutions per minute. The standard earth moving bucket has a capacity of 800 cubic millimeters. The maximum allowable discharge height is approximately 7,110 millimeters. The maximum depth is 6,620 millimeters. The maximum radius is 9875 millimeters, when the minimum is 3040 millimeters. The equipment of the excavator has a lifting capacity of up to 6,750 kilograms. The hydraulic system holds 143 liters of fluid. Installed hydraulic pump, the performance of which reaches up to 428 liters of fluid per minute. The fuel tank can hold up to 400 liters of fuel. The cooling system tank has a volume of 20 liters.

Special features

The Komatsu PC200 excavator is a highly reliable and productive machine with a large number of modern technologies, as well as innovative ideas. The main feature of this excavator is a special system with which you can achieve savings of diesel fuel up to 20 percent, by automatically switching the engine to idle. This happens if the controls, both of the machine itself and of the equipment, are in the neutral position for more than four seconds. There is also a system of automatic adjustment of power, speed and effort when digging, which also affects the fuel economy at work.

For convenience, when servicing the engine compartment, several special handrails and anti-slip pads were installed on the upper platform, which ensured safe movement. There is also easy access to the power unit and to all the necessary filters, thanks to the flaps located on the sides of the excavator platform. It is worth noting that thanks to this you can get to the other important mechanisms and systems.

The cab uses soundproof porous materials, which can significantly reduce the noise level during operation. This, in turn, provides a comfortable environment for prolonged work. A rather large glazing area provided a great all-round view from the workplace. You should also pay attention to the fact that in the cabin of this excavator there is a system of locking levers and other controls, which allows you to prevent accidental pressing, when entering the cabin. Before starting to work, you should check whether the lever of this system is in a horizontal position, if not, then transfer it.