Front loader XCMG ZL30G is a representative of special wheeled equipment, which is produced by the Chinese corporation Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (abbreviated XCMG). This loader uses quite a lot of different systems and additional options available on the latest Kawasaki machines. This model belongs to the G series and is particularly popular in different countries around the world. This is due to the high reliability of the design, mobility and high performance. It should be noted that the dimensions of this loader, relative to other similar equipment, are small, which together with excellent maneuverability allows it to take part in doing various work in cramped conditions. Also, the XCMG ZL30G loader differs from other machines in that it has a large pull force, a large hydraulic system carrying capacity and a short cycle time. As well as the affordable cost is also important, which is why various construction companies can acquire the car, which have budget limitations for capital investments in the purchase of special equipment. Thanks to all this, among analogs, consumers often prefer this particular model.

Under the hood XCMG ZL30G placed six-cylinder power unit brand YC6108G, capable of developing a maximum power of 92 kilowatts or 125 horsepower. This unit is manufactured by Yuchai, which throughout its existence has perfectly recommended its products, both in terms of quality and reliability, as well as in terms of further service and performance.


This loader is especially in demand in the construction of any objects, enterprises, industries, mining, agriculture and forestry, as well as for the implementation of certain utilities.

In construction, the XCMG ZL30G is used for leveling work sites, loading various soils, as well as moving them. In mining, the loader is also used for loading and moving soil and crushed rocks and other minerals. In agriculture, with special forks, the machine is used to work with hay. At the enterprises and the industries this model of the car generally carries out loading of various freights, applying special working forks in working process. Well, in utilities, the XCMG ZL30G front loader is equipped with other special equipment that allows it to clear the road sections and other sites from the large amount of snow.


The mass of this loader in a condition of shipment from plant equals 10500 kilograms. The length of the whole structure is 6870 millimeters. The width has a value of 2460 millimeters. Cab height is 3263 millimeters. Ground clearance is 400 kilograms. The distance between the wheels of the front and rear axles is 1,850 millimeters. The minimum outer dimensional turning radius is 4800 millimeters. Longitudinal or wheelbase is 2700 millimeters. The machine is able to cope with the rise, the angle of which does not exceed 28 degrees.

Almost every model of this loader from the factory is equipped with a frontal bucket, the volume of which is 1700 cubic millimeters. The width of the cutting edge of this equipment is 2460 millimeters. Reach bucket has a value of 1030 millimeters. The maximum height at which unloading of cargo can occur is 2800 millimeters. The hydraulic system allows the loader to lift a variety of goods, the mass of which is not more than 3000 kilograms. The maximum vyryvny effort during the work reaches 11000 kilograms. The loader makes a complete lift of the frontal equipment in six seconds. Full cycle time is just over ten seconds.

The six-cylinder diesel power plant of the YC6108G brand, developed by the Chinese company Yuchai together with the German design bureau FEV Motorentechnik GmbH, is being installed. The engine confidently gives the rated power, marked on the flywheel, at 92 kW or 125 horsepower. It should be noted that especially for some countries, the loader is equipped with the CE Perkins 1006-6T, which has the same maximum power with the previous power unit. The loader’s transmission has only three positions, namely, neutral, forward, reverse. The XCMG ZL30G wheel loader is capable of a top speed of 35 kilometers per hour forward and 24 kilometers per hour at the rear.

Suspension at the XCMG ZL30G wheel loader cruel type, consisting of hydraulic springs. There are two leading bridges of the Soma series 12, 16 and 18, which are manufactured by Meritor (located in the USA). The front axle is firmly fixed when the rear axle can swing with the frame of the car. The maximum swing angle does not exceed 35 degrees.

Special features

This machine has a number of advantages, namely this: In order to increase convenience and simplicity, when operating the manufacturer, two ergonomic servo controls of the front bucket were added. But also in some models instead of them one joystick is used. Affordable cost for a new car. It should be noted that the cost of this loader is significantly lower than that of analogs of the same class, due to which quite a large popularity of this technology was acquired, especially in USA. High reliability of the entire structure, including attachments and power unit. The service life is designed for a rather long service life under various loads. As well as the loader has excellent maneuverability, high traffic, and, most importantly, high efficiency and versatility. For comfortable work, a heater and a pre-start diesel heater are installed in the cabin. Optionally can be added to the radio and air conditioning.